Uncensored Censure Center

by Civillain

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The current state of the American news media, insofar as they cover politics is appalling. There is no precedent given to integrity, consistency on issues, or even the ability to recognize and solicit truth. Everything revolves around what brings in ratings, and what brings in ratings is reality-show-esque melodrama that is a wholesale distraction from anything that actually affects the people being governed. This is an approximation of the coverage of the rat-race that overshadowed any intelligent debate in the 2016 election. This is a large contribution to the outcome of that election.

This just in:
The Politician just committed an egregious sin. Details are thin, but let the censure begin. I know he was your champion, and last week we said, “The polls are in. The Politician will win,” but the charges against him, he can’t defend. So this is the end. There aren’t enough babies for him to kiss to mend a public image tainted to this extent.

But tune in tomorrow. The New Guy’s rising in the polls.

This just in:
The New Guy’s worse than The Politician. He has scales, not skin. Withdraw all endorsements? Much to his chagrin his faith is a sham; it seems it always has been. The teachers and the preachers all cry in unison, “Defend your kin from this heathen.” Here comes the tailspin. God Himself weighed in, declared him a has-been, just like all the others that we used to commend.

But tune in tomorrow, and the day after that. Our polling indicates that The Underdog is gaining traction, and we have the exclusive, along with everyone else. Don’t look away. Never look away. Fix your eyes on the screen.

Fix your eyes.
Pacify your mind.
Pass the time
passing judgement.
Just fix your eyes.

This just in:


released February 29, 2016
Josh Stanley - guitar, bass, vocals
Taylor Kreemer - drums

Recorded at Campaign HQ in Chicago, IL in 2016
Recorded and mixed by Josh Stanley
Mastered by Dave Polster
Artwork by Zane Delong




Civillain Chicago, Illinois

Civillain exists to shine a light on those members of society that hide in the shadows and evil that bubbles under the surface of daily life. By taking on the perspective of the villain we hope to excavate clues for their demise.

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