Fresh Meat

by Civillain

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This is a collection of quotations I have heard from co-workers actively participating in and managers actively dismissing sexual harassment. These people exist, and though this is a deadly serious topic that is a cornerstone in the structure of rape-culture, these people really are this stupid. This song contains content that may be unbearable to those that are sensitive to the topic, but should be made known to those that are ignorant to it's pervasiveness in the workplace.

"Aww yeah... fresh meat.
And you know I'm hungry.
Just another fine addition
to this all-you-can-eat buffet."
"Nah, trust me, they like the attention.
C'mon wouldn't you?
Everyone likes to feel attractive."

"Do you mind if I touch your side?"
"Am I crossing any lines?"
"A friendly hand on a friendly thigh,
making sure not to meet your eyes."

"Another person quit,
and no one really knows why.
It's good news for us though.
She was starting to get a bit defensive."

"You don't mind if I touch your side.
I'm not crossing any lines.
It's just a friendly hand on a friendly thigh.
Hope I don't meet your eyes."

"Can we not speak our mind?"
"Can we not be guys?"
"This is how we're designed,
and you have nowhere to hide!"

"Just a reminder about fraternizing in the workplace:
Officially, don't do it, but we know you all are and that's fine.
Just make sure I don't have to see it or deal with it.
Otherwise as you were.
Meeting dismissed."


released August 11, 2017
Josh Stanley - guitar, vocals
Parker Langvardt - bass
Taylor Kreemer - drums

Recorded at Campaign HQ in Chicago, IL
Recorded and mixed by Josh Stanley
Mastered by Dave Polster
Artwork by Zane Delong




Civillain Chicago, Illinois

Civillain exists to shine a light on those members of society that hide in the shadows and evil that bubbles under the surface of daily life. By taking on the perspective of the villain we hope to excavate clues for their demise.

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