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Recorded and released as an introductory series of singles upon Civillain's formation in January 2016.


released August 13, 2016

Performed by Josh Stanley, Taylor Kreemer, and Parker Langvardt
Recorded at Campaign HQ in Chicago, IL in 2016
Recorded and mixed by Josh Stanley
Mastered by Dave Polster
Artwork by Zane Delong




Civillain Chicago, Illinois

Civillain exists to shine a light on those members of society that hide in the shadows and evil that bubbles under the surface of daily life. By taking on the perspective of the villain we hope to excavate clues for their demise.

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Track Name: Wit's End
Some people have no patience for children. It seems from the way that they talk about them that their very presence makes them sick. This is what I imagine goes through their heads daily.

Their screaming wakes me. Cold from sweat. Splitting mind meat; pools dripping from the head. Factions, militants all taking sides. From a crows nest, their numbers seem not to erode but multiply. I’m not saying outright violence is in the cards, but if they were standing near a cliff, I would find it hard not to just push every last one straight down. A mural on the mountainside.

I can’t help feeling I’ve done something to deserve this tortuous aural assault. Alarm bells shatter all my nerves, and I can’t pick up the pieces. Descent into decay. I’m not saying outright violence is in the cards, but if they were standing near a cliff, I would find it hard not to just push every last one straight down. A mural on the mountainside.

They are the future. We depend on their success, hence the excess patience I have granted. Will supplanted. But if they don’t shut their mouths, evolution will find a solution. Make them obsolete. What a chilling feat.
Track Name: Uncensored Censure Center
The current state of the American news media, insofar as they cover politics is appalling. There is no precedent given to integrity, consistency on issues, or even the ability to recognize and solicit truth. Everything revolves around what brings in ratings, and what brings in ratings is reality-show-esque melodrama that is a wholesale distraction from anything that actually affects the people being governed. This is an approximation of the coverage of the rat-race that overshadowed any intelligent debate in the 2016 election. This is a large contribution to the outcome of that election.

This just in:
The Politician just committed an egregious sin. Details are thin, but let the censure begin. I know he was your champion, and last week we said, “The polls are in. The Politician will win,” but the charges against him, he can’t defend. So this is the end. There aren’t enough babies for him to kiss to mend a public image tainted to this extent.

But tune in tomorrow. The New Guy’s rising in the polls.

This just in:
The New Guy’s worse than The Politician. He has scales, not skin. Withdraw all endorsements? Much to his chagrin his faith is a sham; it seems it always has been. The teachers and the preachers all cry in unison, “Defend your kin from this heathen.” Here comes the tailspin. God Himself weighed in, declared him a has-been, just like all the others that we used to commend.

But tune in tomorrow, and the day after that. Our polling indicates that The Underdog is gaining traction, and we have the exclusive, along with everyone else. Don’t look away. Never look away. Fix your eyes on the screen.

Fix your eyes.
Pacify your mind.
Pass the time
passing judgement.
Just fix your eyes.

This just in:
Track Name: Divine Intervention
This is a sermon delivered by a fundamentalist preacher that decides that guilt is the right tool to use to get humanity to leave its sinful ways and come to Christ. He believes that anybody who does not or can not accept the guidelines the old testament of the Bible, is beyond saving unless they offer a severe sacrifice.

My brothers. My sisters. We once had a father.
He used to speak to us.
It's been centuries since he's shown his face.
A millennia since he cared.
For the kids have grown up. Become unaware.

Daddy's got a new family now and who could blame him?
Vacant houses. Some are bound to have squatters.
How could you be so bold as to think he would stay with you?
See that abomination of a wedding through,
or hold your hand as you murdered the son that he gave to you?

Shame on you. You ignored all the rules
so it's no surprise that you're lonely.
But by His decree, this is not how it has to be.
You can end it now, and be with Him.
Track Name: Trumped-Up
This is an all-too-common story of a prosecutor delivering what has been deemed "justice" by America's War on Drugs. No obstruction of justice is too great if it helps the cause of adding bodies to the prison industrial complex.

I walk in the room. I can see through you. I know what you've done.
What's that you say? A state sponsored mistake? Show me some evidence.
You were just trying to "smoke and chill?" Last time I checked drugs still kill. Are you sure you aren't selling to kids?

For the safety of the children of this fine city, I hereby move
that the defendant be charged with distribution of a Schedule 1 narcotic.

(From the second I walked in the room I knew it was you.
I knew you were done.)

Now it's true, the system's against you.
Now you know the truth must pay rent.
Justice for some. Not justice for all.
The burden of proof is on you. Prove me wrong.
Now you know victimless crimes don't exist you'll do time just as if you're a murderer, rapist, or worse.

So you bought some drugs. You're in big trouble. But don't worry the state will take pity on you, if you help us find your dealer. Just take a look at some photos. Anyone look familiar? No one? Not even this top middle guy.
So this man right here. You've seen him before. Could it have been when he was selling you drugs? We gotta get people like him off the street. C'mon you know it was him, and even if it wasn't good riddance.

Now you know you don't stand a chance.
Justice for some. Not justice for all.
The burden of proof is on you. Prove me wrong.
Track Name: Frank Armitage Knew What's Up
One uncommonly warm February night in 2016 I was mugged while riding my bike home from work. The three of them took everything I had and beat me up for good measure. As a way of processing this event and the change that it garnered within me, I decided to imagine what they would say to me in the moments leading up to it.

You think you are invincible,
but we'll show you just how fragile you are.
Tearing up the streets. Unstoppable.
But soon you'll find yourself afraid of the dark.
And afraid in the daytime, because we're always around.
You think most of us are kind and keep to ourselves.
In 30 seconds you'll see, once we open your eyes,
that people are hungry, and they'll eat your insides.